How To Draw Bender From Futurama

How To Draw Bender From Futurama

I was excited to open my inbox and see that someone had requested for me to do a tutorial on how to draw Bender from Futurama. Futurama is one of my favorite shows, and Bender is the reason why.

Let’s get going.

To get Bender started, we will first need to draw a large cylinder shape. This should have a slight bump at the top, kind of making it look like a drinking glass.

This cylinder will be Bender’s midsection.

On top of the cylinder you drew in the last step, draw another long oval shaped head, and Bender’s small antenna.

Draw two long tube shapes that are connected by a ring to Bender’s body. Bender’s arms don’t really have elbows. Instead they rather curve in the direction they need to go, more like hoses than arms.

Draw a small square shape at the end of each of Bender’s arms, and give him three short, stubby fingers.

Just like you did for his arms, draw two long tubes to form Bender’s legs.

Draw a large disc shape at the end of Bender’s legs for his feet, and draw several lines running down each of his arms and legs.

To make Bender’s mouth draw a large, sort of grate that runs across the bottom of his head.

Benders eyes are surrounded by what looks like goggles. Draw two wide ovals right above his mouth, which we will place his eyes into next.

By now Bender is just about done. Draw in two circles for eyes, and shade in the negative space in his “goggles”, give him a door on his chest and Bender is complete!