How To Draw Taz

For today’s tutorial, we will be learning how to draw Taz the Tazmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes.

What you’ll need:

To start with, we need to draw somewhat of a heart shape as shown in the image on the left. We can leave the bottom of this shape open until later steps.

On top of the previous shape, we need to draw Taz’s ears and hair in the shape of horns.

Draw a “W” shape inside the shape from the first step, which will become the top of Taz’s mouth.

Inside the “W” shape from the last step, draw a large oval nose. Underneath that, give Taz his wide open mouth.

Give Taz two stubs on each side of his body, which will become placemarkers for his arms.

Instead of giving Taz legs, we are going to draw a spiral, tornado-like shape under his mouth.

Give Taz a large hand with only four downward pointing fingers.

We are going to skip a little bit ahead in this step. Give Taz his other hand, and a large tongue that hangs out of his mouth.

Taz’s eyebrows are one single “M” shape that sits right above his nose.

By now, Taz should pretty much be completely drawn. All that’s left to do is give him a couple pupils, and a mouth full of teeth.

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Thanks everyone!