How To Draw A Camel

How To Draw A Camel

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw a camel. We are going to be drawing a one-humped camel, also known as a dromedary.

Let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

To begin with, we are going to draw a large oval which will become the midsection of our camel. As you can see, this oval is very deformed. This is because in this step, we will be including the large hump on the back of our camel.

We will be making the camel’s head and neck in two parts. First, the long “S” shaped neck, then ending in a small oval which will be the head of our camel.

The legs of our camel are very simple shapes– one thin rectangle that is widest near the body, and tapers down toward the ground.

Draw a small oval at the end of the camel’s leg for its foot. These oval shaped feet help keep the camel from sinking into the sand.

As you can see, I have also included the camel’s other leg just barely showing from behind the first leg.

Using the exact same technique as before, we need to draw the camel’s rear legs. These legs are the same shape, except for the fact that they are about twice as wide where the leg meets the body.

Give your camel a very small, bushy tail.

Camels have very simple faces. To complete the head, give your camel a short, dog-like ear, and extend two lips from the front of the camel’s head.

Your camel’s bottom lip should be a little longer than the top one. And the top lip should point upward just slightly, giving him a little bit of a “smile”.

At this point, our camel is pretty much complete. Give him a large almond-shaped eye, and a few wrinkles around his knees, and that’s it!

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Thanks everyone!